08 March 2012

2012 Race Schedule

It is hard to believe but my winter trip to Arizona is already over.  It was a great trip and I am very much hoping that the ability to really focus on training for the few months and be outside doing it will translate well as I head into the season.  I can't thank Chris Jeffrey enough for letting me stay at her place for the few months to train, it was one a few things that made it possible.  I really have to thank Shelby Katz as well for helping me get me an all my stuff back to Colorado.  It worked out well for her to come down and get a few days of sun and training in and get out of the bubble of winter in Colorado.  It was also nice to have a travel companion on the way back to Colorado.  Getting everything back was no small feat but we did accomplish it.  I was in Colorado for all of 4 days before I flew out for my first races of the year.  Which brings me to my race schedule for the year:

3/10 XTERRA Guam
3/18 XTERRA Philippines
3/24 XTERRA Saipan
4/14 XTERRA West
5/6 Rev 3 Knoxville Olympic
5/19 XTERRA Southeast
6/2 Rev 3 Quassy Half
6/10 XTERRA East
6/24 XTERRA Curt Gowdy
7/14 XTERRA Mountain
8/4 XTERRA Mexico or Indian Peaks
8/12 Rev 3 Wisconsin Half
8/26 Rev 3 Maine Olympic
9/2 Xterra Canada
9/9 Xterra Pueblo
9/22 Xterra USA
10/7 Rev 3 Half Full Olympic
10/28 Xterra World Championship

It will be a very fun season with some exciting new races with the Rev 3 Series as well as new XTERRA's for me in Guam,  Philippines and Saipan.  The Rev 3 Triathlon Series are all road triathlons that are either Olympic non-drafting or half ironman distance races.  I have heard some amazing things about Rev 3 over the past few years with how well the race organizers support all of the athletes and they put the races on for the athletes.  Unlike some other triathlon corporations that put on races trying to figure out every way to make an extra dollar.  There will be alot of updates over the next few weeks as I work on getting video of the courses up in preview of the upcoming races when I can.

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  1. It will be a great season my friend!!! You rock and I'm super stoked for all of what's ahead for you! Thanks for letting me hang in Arizona with you! Loved every second! Even leaving blood on the trails was awesome.. felt ritualistic!