15 August 2016

XTERRA Beaver Creek

Race Details:
Bike: Pro Cycling Epic with SRAM XX1 156Q SRM Crank
     Antiflat Protection: 90ml of Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex, 21psi Front, 25psi Rear, 2.2 Fast Trak
     Helmet: Rudy Project Windmax Helmet
     Glasses: Rudy Project Tralyx
Run: Colorado Running Company X-Talon 212
     Glasses: Rudy Project Noyz
Race Nutrition: +First Endurance Triathlon Nutrition Plan
     Pre-Race: 24oz Bottle of 1 Single serve packet of EFS Pro mix of Lemon and Cumber Flavors
                      3 Capsules of PreRace
     Bike: 2 - 20oz bottles with 1.5 packets of EFS Pro Lemon in each,
               2 servings of Kona Mocha/Vanilla EFS Liquid Shot
     Run: 1 servings of Mountain Huckleberry EFS Liquid Shot and on course hydration.
     Post Race Cappuccino Ultragen

XTERRA Beaver Creek
A couple weeks later I was on to the closest thing I can call a hometown race being in Colorado.  It also starts the beginning of the mountain courses with all the remaining courses on the Pan-American series all have a lot of climbing involved.  Being that Colorado is a training hotbed for triathlon in general, racers come out of the woodwork and race Beaver Creek since it is an easy drive.  This year was no exception with some very top name road guys racing their first XTERRA and a few guys that do 1-2 XTERRA’s a year that are very talented.   This also changed the dynamic of the race a bit over the XTERRA in Alabama and Milton where there was a group of 2-3 of us in the swim to now a very solid group of 7-8 guys to push the pace from the gun.

Not a great effort in the swim but when nobody else wants to lead. PC: Jesse Peters/Backlight Photo
More Photos from XTERRA Beaver Creek
 Leave it to the roadies showing up to do a gradual forward drift of the start line during the countdown to the gun, I took my normal position and got away clean on the side with Brad Zoller and happily slid back to draft him after clearing the dock.  Normally I take 10-20 hard strokes then settle in but I couldn’t get comfortable and find my stroke and breathing was difficult.  Brad built a small gap and it stayed steady through the swim.  I knew I wasn’t swimming fast but no one behind me wanted to take the lead and catch Brad so I just cruised at what was comfortable.

At switchbacks to the road, with Sam Long on my wheel, he surprised us all, great race from him
PC: Backlight/Jesse Peters

I headed out on the bike in second and passed Brad shortly there after and was joined by Ben Hoffman, Rom Akerson and Leon Griffin.  I think all of us were feeling a bit off as I knew I was not 100% on my game but they were not accelerating away from me at all and it was a very slow gap to open.  Just before the cross over point of the bike Josiah rolled up to me with someone else in tow and continued to roll away.  Once on the short road section I got a gauge on Ben, Rom and Leon and knew I needed to overtake Leon before we started the downhill to start gaining time on him and by the top of the climb I managed to catch him and took off downhill.  It is not very technical but you can still open up some time on the switchbacks down Arrowhead.  I pressed on hoping to keep close to the 4 guys up the trail on the traverse on Village to Village trail trying to not let Leon catch back up.  Everything remained the same through the end of the bike and I headed off in fifth knowing it would be a tough task to catch anyone ahead but also wanting to preserve a top 5.

The decent down Corkscrew PC Backlight/Jesse Peters

SRM PC8 Powerfile from XTERRA Beaver Creek
Top of the Aspen Glade climb PC:Backlight

I managed to preserve things for about a mile before Leon rolled by, I kept things in check for the first 5k and the legs were feeling good on the downhill and was hoping for a stronger 2nd half of the run.   The legs would not respond as well as hoped on the second climb and he opened up the gap more.  I was glad to have gapped the other guys behind on the bike as I needed the time over guys like Greg Bennett and was able keep things rolling and finished 6th

In to the finish in 6th

More photos of XTERRA Beaver Creek from Backlight/Jesse Peters

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