19 May 2016

Wildflower Long Course

Race Details:
Antiflat Protection: 30ml of Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex in each tire 
Run: Colorado Running Company TrailRoc 245 and NB 1400
     Pre-Race: 24oz Bottle of 4 scoops of EFS Pro mix of Lemon and Cumber Flavors
                      3 Capsules of PreRace
     Bike: 2 - 24oz bottles with 5 scoops of EFS Pro Lemon in each,
               3 servings of Kona Mocha EFS Liquid Shot
     Run: 2 servings of Mountain Huckleberry EFS Liquid Shot and on course hydration.
     Post Race: 1 Serving of Cappuccino Ultragen

It is always a blast heading back to a race you have not done in a while, the memories of past experiences, seeing the changes within the race and getting to catch up with friends you may not have seen in a while.  That was certainly the case heading back to race at the Wildflower Triathlon.  The experience of racing at Wildflower is like no other triathlon and it is something that you really need to experience and I regret not heading back to race since my last time there in 2006.
Getting instructions and trying to remember which set of non-drafting rules we were racing under.  KAORIPHOTO.COM 

Wouldn't be right if I didn't have one pre race issue, thank you +Effetto Mariposa for the #Carogna tape, making tubular tire set up a breeze, installed a new tubular in 10min, and was set and ready to ride the next day. 
The biggest change due to the drought the last few years is the necessary change to a swim, run, bike, run format due to having to move the swim from the Lynch camp area to Harris Creek where there is actually water.  It was a bit of a shock driving down Lynch Hill when I arrived at the venue and seeing what looked more like a pasture than a lake bed.  All I can say is that Tri-California, the event organizers, have done a fantastic job in working with the conditions they are presented with and still put on the best half distance triathlon out there.  I was a very unsure how I would react to the swim, run, bike, run style of the race but in the end I very much enjoyed it.  It is nice to have things changed up now and again and racing this format certainly provided that.
The start between the docks, silver cap on left side, didn't even realize it but was given correct cap then told needed other cap in pro meeting.  KAORIPHOTO.COM

One thing that has not changed is the tight swim start between the boat docks, it causes a bit of a melee at the beginning but once past the end of the docks it opens up and you are able to get in to a rhythm and that is what I was able to do.  I found a comfortable position in the pack and was able to cruise along and found myself feeling stronger and stronger and slowly moved up the pack.  About halfway on the way back in I found myself leading the main pack, not far from two guys that had gotten off the front.
Coming out of the water behind Matty Reed and Ben Collins just to my side.  KAORIPHOTO.COM
Towards the end of the first 2 mile run to the bike

Once out of the water I had a great quick transition and lead the charge up the boat ramp but I had company quickly with the likes of Jesse Thomas, Matty Reed, Terenzo Bozzone, and Ben Collins coming up quickly behind me.  I felt great running and maintained a good position in the pack and felt like I was set up well headed on to the bike.

Across the bridge before heading up....  KAORIPHOTO.COM

Though I felt like I was moving well, it was never good enough and one after another guys passed me.   I kept asking for more power from my legs but it never happened.  The course is an honest one which is something I really enjoy about it, there is no place to really hide or just sit in the pack and cruise along, unfortunately it was showing that I did not have what it took that day.
....Nasty Grade, had no idea that there were that many people not far off from me. KAORIPHOTO.COM

T2 on to suffer more on the run. KAORIPHOTO.COM
Once on to the run I was hoping the legs would respond well and I would feel as good as I had during the 2-mile run from the swim to the bike transition.  I certainly had glimpses of that but overall things felt a bit flat.  I was definitely happy that the run was only 11miles at the end instead of the normal 13.1 as the last couple miles the legs started to tighten and I started to slow.   The last mile running down Lynch Hill is painful when you can’t run as fast as you would really like but I made it down and crossed the line in 17th.  Not the result I was planning on and I definitely have some unfinished business at Wildflower and look forward to heading back and racing again.
SRM PC8 Data File - Avg Power 280, NP 292

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