11 January 2011

And so 2011 begins

I am now in the swing of things, after a nice break official training has resumed and it is off to the races come early April at the latest most likely will be going at it mid March.  After the fun hut trip experience I headed down to Durango the following weekend for Christmas with the family.  It was a nice time to get to hang out and enjoy a few days with the family and not have to make sure that any particular thing was done.  By far the most relaxing Christmas in a while.
The following week was interesting,  slight cooking incident of nearly cutting the tip of my thumb off while I was cutting carrots for dinner.  You learn quickly that any limited use of you thumb really makes things harder to do, and the tips of your fingers like to bleed and are hard to stop bleeding.  I did get it under control but am still dealing with it.  I also managed to get my upper back to seize up after going for a short run.  This put a nice damper on things for the following few days and I am not sure how it happened but am still working out the last bits of tightness but nothing like it was!  I will say that hot tubs work wonders and that helped out a lot in loosening things up.
For New Years the plan was to head up to Breckenridge for a few days of skiing and time with friends however the back squashed one of those days.  In addition a nice arctic snow storm blew in Thursday evening adding some great snow for the mountains but turned the roads into an icy mess.  I delayed my trip up to the afternoon of the 31st and things had cleared nicely but the temps were frigged!  While up in Breck I don't think it ever got above 0 and with the wind it made it even worse.  It was an interesting and fun night with Raena, Chris, Jim and Brigette and ended up being a bit later than planned but smiles and laughter were the ending to the night.  The following morning though we did think about getting out on the mountain no one wanted to deal with the temperature of -5F and windchill of -25F.  Hot tubing, movies, Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl were the order of the day topped off with a great dinner at Empire Burger.  I headed home through Denver to have a nice brunch with my grandma on Sunday and as always was well filled up and got to help her out in making sure that her computer was running without issue.
The following day is when it all started, Lisa and James had put together a nice welcome back to training week and thankfully my body is responding pretty well and I can feel everything getting moving and stronger.  The only negative is that well it is winter in Colorado and it decided to come on January 1st.  We have had some nice very cold days and some snow so it is causing a few trainer days for the bike but I am heading out when I can.  Thanks to Will Kelsay and Brian Maslach for the pictures below.  I will have photos to share once I get my camera back.
Start of High Drive, may a interval is done in the summer here (Brian Maslach)
Midway point on High Drive, tough in the summer or winter. (Brian Maslach)

Flatirons in Boulder as see from Chateau Kelsay & Katz, pretty decent sight (Will Kelsay)