24 June 2016

Boulder 70.3

Race Details:
Bike: Pro Cycling SHIV with QARV Rotor 3D+ SRM Crank
Antiflat Protection: 30ml of Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex in each tire 
Helmet: Rudy Project Wing57 Helmet
Glasses: Rudy Project Tralyx 
Run: Colorado Running Company  NB 1400
First Endurance Triathlon Nutrition Plan
     Pre-Race: 24oz Bottle of 4 scoops of EFS Pro mix of Lemon and Cumber Flavors
                      3 Capsules of PreRace
     Bike: 2 - 24oz bottles with 5 scoops of EFS Pro Lemon in each
             2 Bottles of watter
               3 servings of Kona Mocha EFS Liquid Shot
               Enduro Bite Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar
     Run: 2 servings of Mountain Huckleberry EFS Liquid Shot
             2-3 Cups of water or on course hydration per aid station.
     Post Race: 1 Serving of Cappuccino Ultragen

Well to keep things updated before my next XTERRA here is a little recap of Boulder 70.3.  Some times I don’t have to travel very far sometimes to race against some of the best athletes in the sport and the men’s roster for Boulder is always strong with it being a very popular spot for the roadies.  I prefer a location where you can have better access to mountain bike trails though.  The race is at the infamous Boulder Reservoir.  I have raced there on numerous times at the Boulder Peak Triathlon that was a great Olympic distance non-drafting tri when under the directorship of Paul Karlsson and later Barry Siff.  Barry as well started the 5430 Half, which is now this race, Boulder 70.3.  There are a few things about the res that are constant, it is flat, there are minimal trees to provide shade and without fail it is always hot.  The benefit to it being warm is that the water warmed up just enough for it to be a non-wetsuit swim, which I was thankful for.

I chose to start a bit further to the left, which may not put me in the middle of the bunch to get a faster pair of feet at the start, but I do get cleaner water and less fighting with other athletes off the line.  I was sitting at the tail end of the front pack and felt that the group had settled in but someone a few people in front of me let a gap open up and there was no closing it back down.   As has typically been my style in the swims this year, I steadily got stronger through the swim and moved my way forward and lead the chase pack of the swim and ended up about a minute and fifteen down from the main front group.

Each race is a learning experience and I have really learned that the first part of the bike in any half distance race always starts very hard before people settle in, it was something I had been working on and put into play.  Unlike racing Galveston 70.3 and at Wildflower I maintained contact with the other guys and helped push the pace and found myself riding with Leon Griffin and Justin Metzler.  There were a few guys that were riding stronger and we could not stay with but others we were catching through the course of the bike. With the steadily rising temperature I was sure to keep well hydrated and went through my standard two bottles of First Endurance on the bike as well as two bottles of water instead of the usual 1.  I lost contact with Justin and Leon on the climb on Nelson road but was stronger on the last quarter of the ride and closed the gap back down as we entered transition. 

It was nice and toasty by the time I was starting the run and felt bad for those amateurs that were just heading out onto the bike course as I was coming in.  I spent some extra time in transition grabbing ice, a cooling towel, a frozen bottle of water and a frozen flask of First Endurance Liquid Shot to help me stay cool during the run.  The legs responded great at the beginning of the run and it made me question if I was running too fast to start and that I would blow up later.  I knew I had to trust the training Derick and I had been building through the year and kept the pressure on.  I was sure to grab 2-3 cups on water or electrolyte drink at each aid station to help cool down and stay hydrated.  I was steady and maintained my pace and picked a few people off over the first lap of the run.  The lack of shade became more and more evident on the second lap but I was managing the heat well keeping cool though I know my pace had slowed some I know everyone else was in the same situation.  Once in the last 5k of the run I needed to just keep the pressure on and try to pick up the pace, I gained extra momentum when I could see that I was closing down on a few guys ahead and picked off a couple more guys before the finish and had only been passed by 1 guy during the run.  I finished in 15th and it was definitely the most solid 70.3/half iron distance race I had put together and gives me a boost of confidence that I can race that distance.  After a few recovery days and some quick opener workouts I am outside Toronto for some more fun racing at XTERRA Mine Over Matter tomorrow.