09 March 2011

Ready Set Go

The racing has begun, in one sense or another and at different levels for a few people.  After one of the most consistent off season training blocks I have had in a few years things are looking good.  I am still a ways away from feeling like I really am ready to race but unfortunately I can't control when they schedule the races.

Riding Palmer Park (Pikes Peak Behind)
February Road Ride With Kaili
One of the biggest things that helps in a nice solid training base is some nice weather and for the most part the weather has been great for a winter in Colorado.  We have had some very cold days but as the pictures show we also have had some great weather.

Swimming back to the boat
After a building my training nicely through January and February I headed to Tampa for a nice family visit and to run the Gasparilla 15k.  It is an incredible race that has more than 25,000 people between the 15k, 5k, half-marathon and 8k (or 5+3k as they call it because of that particular races sponsor).  The race went very well and it was a nice confidence boost for my training, the only bummer was how sore my calves were after the race after pounding they received from the concrete.  It was a gauge of my fitness, my placing didn't matter but my time was the critical factor and I walked away stiffly but happy.  Once the race was done is was great to just sit back and visit with my grandma, aunt and uncle.  Saturday after the race we motored around Hillsborough Bay and got to see Derek Jeter's 30,000 square foot home, a Carnival cruise liner heading out, the channel where the crew teams from may of the colleges come to train in the winter and where they paint their emblems on the seawalls.  Sunday was great as we got to head out on my Uncle's sailboat and live the easy life.  The wind was low as we headed out so we used the prop to get to a nice somewhat secluded spot where we laid anchor for lunch.  Before we feasted down I used the opportunity to go for a great open water swim in my 2XU V:1 wetsuit and get it broken back in.  Being landlocked in Colorado it was great to swim with no walls no lane lines and just go.  After lunch the wind kicked up enough that we did set sail and used the power or the wind to take us back home.  Once we got back we had some fun in the pool and hot tub.  I can't thank my Aunt Nancy and Uncle George enough for the great weekend, it was a nice break and release from everything.  It was great to see my grandma and great aunt Nikki and Betty as well.  Here is a link to a few photos from the trip to Tampa, I will add a few more once I can figure out how to get them off my new "smart" phone.

My 2011 race schedule is up so you can see where I am racing this year, there are a few possible changes but they mainly are with the Ironhorse weekend and deciding on exactly what races I will be doing in August.  If you live in any of the areas where I am racing it would be great to catch up so let me know if you are in the area!

Miami International Triathlon is the first tri of the year for me and I can't believe it is only just over a week away.  So look for a pre-race blog and race report coming soon.